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The Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game.

Teach, learn and have fun with Lean Manufacturing

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The LeanActivity Game Model provides you with a simple but powerful Training Tool.

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The Lean Game.

Teach, learn and have fun with Lean Manufacturing

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LeanActivity Game
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Have fun with LeanActivity
LeanActivity Game
Have fun with LeanActivity
LeanActivity Game

The most Interactive and Fun Lean Game ever.

This is the only available Lean Simulation Game providing your next Lean workshop with Lean understanding, commitment and fun.

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Unboxing the 15kg Travel Suitcase.

LeanActivity Box Size
LeanActivity Game

For 4-8 Players: Play in a Group or Team Workshop.

Each player takes control of one operator. Play as a team to decrease lead time and increase the factory's productivity.

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All in one Game Box
Game Box

Play the Game in a Meeting Room or in Online Webinars.

You decide: Play the game inside a meeting room with your team or during online meetings. Use the LeanActivity Online Platform to go through the chapters or simulate the game in front of your desk. Hand-outs and videos help you and your team to interactively participate in the virtual webinar simulations.

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Looking for an Online Lean Game?

Perform your own Online Lean Trainings and Coaching

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Teach Lean from anywhere

It is so easy to start with the Lean Game.

All game instructions in text and video are included. LeanActivity further introduces your moderators to the game with Train-the-Trainer Live Webinars and On-Demand Videos.

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Play the Game Online or Offline
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Teach Lean with Hands

Inspire your Employees and shape a Lean Culture.

Successfully implement Lean principles to maintain highest efficiency and productivity.

  • Interactive Training & Coaching Program
  • Based 100% on Simplicity and Gamification
  • Achieve sustainable Training success in your Organization
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See what awaits you.


Watch the Videos, follow the Instructions, Play the Game.

Three simple steps to get started. Watch the Train-the-Trainer Video Instruction, set-up the game on a table or virtually and play the game with your colleagues or team.

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Lean Game Tablet

Simulate the Tools of Lean Manufacturing.

LeanActivity Tools


Be the Game Changer

Define new ways to successfully roll-out Lean in your Organization. Use Gamification to inspire your staff, from management to operators.

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Use Home Office as your Advantage: Train your Team in Lean from Home.

Do not let home office stop you from performing Lean workshops and trainings. Use the Lean Online Platform to inspire and motivate people for Lean. Continue your Lean Journey from any place in the world – at any time.

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Lean Game Online Webinar
LeanActivity from Home
Lean Gamification
Lean Team

Establish your own Lean Training Program or extend an existing one.

Use the game as your Lean Training program or simply extend your existing Lean academy at your company.

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Choose your Game Language.

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