A modern Approach to teach Lean Management

Lean Management is relevant for every single manufacturer around the globe. But still, it is a challenge for most companies to train and maintain a certain Lean level inside the organization. The LeanActivity game bundles perfectly fit into this need. With up to eight hours of gameplay, the bundles teach your organization and helps you to form a Lean mindset. The LeanActivity Bundles start with an ordinary production plant. Step-by-step, the team members will implement Lean principles and help to improve the assembly processes. They will learn the pro’s and con’s of each tool and the logic behind them. After finishing the game, the players are ready to start working on Lean principles in your organization.

The LeanActivity Game Bundles are made of wood and high quality PVC

  1. The assembly Product: Pen — The game is a pen manufacturer-model. Within six assembly stations, the players have to assemble the pens according to the assembly sequence and instructions.
  2. Material Packaging — All boxes and pallets are made of solid wood. The Euro Pallet is at a 1-to-10 scale (8 cm x 12 cm). All boxes, stations, operators or fork lifts are according to that 1-to-10-scale.
  3. The Operators — All workers and assembly operators are made of high quality materials. When playing the game, the participants will love the look and feel, and the consistency within the entire factory model.
  4. Fork Lift and Route Train — A key element of Lean Management are the route trains. As part of the supply chain, they connect everything together. Both, the route train and fork lift, are made of high quality PVC material. The logistic operator perfectly fits inside the vehicle.
  5. Game Instructions and Game Cards — The heart of the bundles are the game instructions and game cards. They guide the team and moderator during the entire game. They include assembly instructions, change requests, explanations and much more. The game follows a business case: Starting with an ordinary production and requests to decrease costs and to increase efficiency.

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