Enterprise Workshop Package – Lean Activity


Enterprise Workshop Package


This All-in-One Package contains a two days on-site visit of a LeanActivity© Consultant to coach your staff with the Enterprise Lean Game Bundle. We train you in moderating the game and will perform a 4-8 h workshop with your staff. All travel expenses are included in the package.

The full Lean Enterprise Game Bundle is included in the package. We recommend to get in touch with our team before checkout for date alignment and further details.


Product Description

Includes Instructions:

  • 1x The ©LeanActivity card games
  • 1x ©LeanActivity moderator instructions
  • 1x ©LeanActivity game instructions
  • 1x The ©LeanActivity Education Toolbox

Included Model:

  • 6x Workbench and stations
  • 2x Warehouse high bay racks
  • 1x Supermarket FIFO shelf
  • 7x FIFO shelves for line-side 2-box principle
  • 7x Assembly operators
  • 1x Plant manager figure
  • 1x Route train incl. 3x trolley for logistics
  • 10x Wooden euro pallets (1:10 scale)
  • 3x Big transport boxes for big parts
  • 16x Small wooden material box
  • 6x Card holder for assembly instructions
  • 2x SMED Change-over tools
  • 1x Final packaging equipment
  • 12x Floor markings + 5x Area markings
  • 6x Assembly tools
  • 180x Colored material chips
  • 4x Steel coil and packaging station
  • 10x Assembly products
  • 1x Hard protective steel case


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