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Download: The Lean Toolbox with all Tools step-by-step Instructions

*The download is available right after purchasing.

What is included in this Download?

The Lean Toolbox is a digital download product and contains easy step-by-step instructions to all the tools of the Toyota Production System (TPS). It supports you in applying Lean principles on any shop floor or company.

The download comes with a 2 GB download, including 3+ hours video instructions, lean examples of each tool and the 24 tools of Lean Manufacturing.

This Toolbox motivates everybody to apply Lean methods on any shop floor and company.

  • Apply all tools of the Toyota Production System
  • 2.0 GB database of Lean examples
  • 3 hours of video, documentations and templates
  • The entire content is free for you to use and copy
  • Step-by-step implementation instructions for each tool
  • 24 tools of the TPS and 2 bonus examples
  • Incl. Pull, Kanban, SMED, Heijunka, 5S and many more!
  • Beginner Tools like: 5S, Visualization, Kaizen, Value-Stream-Mapping
  • Advanced Tools like: Obeyaka, Pull, One-Piece-Flow
  • Expert Tools like: Design for Manufacturing, SMED, Kanban
  • Pro-Tools like: Heijunka, Total Productive Maintenance
  • Incl. ebook, PowerPoint presentations and much more!
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Compatible with PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone.

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*The download is available right after purchasing.

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