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3 Level of Gamification

The strongest approach to learn and train lean principles is by performing on-site workshops (at the Gemba). But it also needs someone experienced enough to moderate the workshop.

We speak about the combination of Experience, Gemba and Moderation.

Summary of Gamification

What does this mean in terms of Gamification?

We do not always have the chance to work at the Gemba or do not have the experience or moderator to guide the team. In this case Gamification helps you a lot. Games can be applied at any scale, even when starting at a class room.

For that reason, we created the LeanActivity Enterprise Bundle. This bundle consists of three levels: (1) Experience: Lean Toolbox, (2) Gemba: Factory Game and (3) Moderation: Video Moderation.

Lean Gamification

This will take the risk from the workshop teams as no lean experience is required. This will also strengthen the organization as a strong lean commitment within the organization can be established.

In other words, Gamification will help you to:

  • reduce moderator or training costs
  • teach Lean principles with fun
  • generate commitment within the organization

Insights into the Gamification experience of the LeanActivity Enterprise Bundle

Playing a Lean Factory with your hands helps so much to learn and understand the impact of Lean measures. To give you some more insights into the learning experience of the game, we share a few insights in the videos below.

These videos are provided with the game and can be accessed on the LeanActivity Platform. It either guides the players during the classroom game or can be used for online webinar sessions.

Get started with Gamification: The 5S Game